Reinventing Working Parenthood

A comprehensive family benefits platform built to support modern families and growth-oriented organizations. Through 1:1 support, education, and intervention, today’s parents’ critical needs are covered in mental health, fertility, childbirth, lactation, parenting, return-to-work, back-up childcare, career, and much more.

Benefits that make a lasting impact

Founded by experienced doulas, Arrow’s comprehensive family benefits platform creates the “village” working parents desperately need to thrive – and organizations need to advance.

Personalized support, advice, tips and more through a dedicated Arrow Navigator   Employer-sponsored

Mental health providers, lactation consultants, midwives, fertility specialists, sleep coaches and more ready to connect virtually

On-demand, expert-taught courses and content from 40+ doctors, midwives and parenting professionals.

Interactive community forum for peer support and guidance on a range of topics important to working parents

Live workshops and online programming designed to help working parents balance family and career   Employer-sponsored

Certified specialists for every parenting demand

Considering & Fertility: Considering a family, optimal fertility education, IVF support, adoption support, surrogacy support

Nutrition: Ideal food for fertility, perinatal nutrition, postpartum meal planning, nutrition recommendations, helpful tips

Mental Health: Postpartum adjustment strategies, struggles with parenting transition, work/life balance, identifying/referral postpartum mood disorders, Loss, Trauma, Conflict, Stress

Health & Maternity: Second opinions, health concerns, pregnancy challenges, explanation of procedures/interventions

Childbirth: Optimal childbirth goals - birth plan, induction preparation, c-section preparation, natural childbirth preparation, labor coping techniques

Lactation & Child Feeding: Prenatal lactation education, latch issues, nipple pain, pumping, milk supply, bottle-feeding, formula feeding, feeding schedules, return-to-work plan, solid food introduction

Sleep Coaching: Bedtime + nap routines, healthy sleep strategies, developmental sleep stage education, infant safe sleep education, sleep plans/night weaning, sleep regressions

Postpartum: Newborn care, baby soothing techniques, postpartum recovery, sleep strategies, optimal postpartum goals - postpartum plan

Partner Support: Supportive tips, pregnancy + postpartum plan, child feeding support, home / life adjustment, family roles evaluation

Baby/Child: Developmental milestones, parenting tips, infant massage, implementing successful routines, parent + child relationship, strategies for high-needs baby/child

Physical Wellness: Prenatal + postpartum yoga, pelvic floor rehabilitation tips, diastasis recti, perinatal back pain/sciatica, perinatal incontinence

Return-to-Work: Navigating parental leave, support during transition, childcare considerations, establishing self-care routines, division of household labor/partner

Career & Leadership: Mindset coaching, professional development, re-integration into the workplace, combatting imposter syndrome

Diverse Families: LGBTQIA+, blended families, surrogacy

And More...

                         Meet Tara

Arrow’s founder and CEO, Tara Campbell Lussier, has deep personal and professional experience in critical support surrounding the entire parent life-cycle.
As a former doula, she filled the physical, emotional, and informational gaps to over 300 families during their pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and return-to-work journeys. She was their trusted confidante and champion, guiding them throughout the most transformative moments in her client’s lives.
As a mother of four, she’s experienced loss, fertility struggles, IVF, twins, cesareans, VBACs, and postpartum mood disorders.

"After having four babies in five years coupled with a thriving on-call doula practice, I was fortunate to have the professionals I needed at every step of my own working parent journey - or I don't know where I'd be today. I know the immense demands placed on working parents, because I am one. I founded Arrow because I know firsthand that when parents are supported in their vulnerabilites, joys and struggles - it creates a positive ripple effect into their families, career, communities, organizations - and ultimately, society as a whole.

– Tara Campbell Lussier, Founder + CEO of ARROW

Defining the future of work

For Employers

Partnering with Arrow keeps parents in your organization working by retaining your best employees and improving their career/life balance while recruiting top talent with sought-after benefits.

For Families

Arrow understands the life of busy, working parents. We built our platform to relieve stress, make work/life balance a reality and bring happiness to every day parenting.

Improve Birth Campaign™

Giving back is in our DNA and imperative to our mission. Arrow invests in life-saving resources and training in critical need areas to support safer birth for BIPOC families. 

Arrow was my saving grace when my second daughter was born. I am not sure I could have made it through that first year without their support.

Jennifer Lee - Employer-Sponsored Member

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