How to Improve the Mental Health of Working Parents
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a woman working on her mental health with baby

Working parents — especially working moms — struggle a great deal with balancing their career responsibilities and home life. This causes a lot of strain on their mental health.

9.8 million working mothers suffer from burnout, and mothers are 28% more likely to experience burnout than working fathers. That doesn’t mean dads are immune, however — in fact, they may suffer similarly and not talk about it as often.

Around 66% of dads suffer family-work stress, and the time a dad spends caring for his child has tripled compared to only one generation ago.

As an employer, what can you do to improve mental health for working parents? And how big of an impact does it have on the workplace? Let’s take a look.

Offer Flexible Schedules and Remote Work

There’s nothing more stressful for a parent than knowing that their child is sick and they don’t have the time to take off and care for them. It’s also no fun wanting desperately to go to a child’s play, band performance, or game and having to struggle to make the time at work.

By offering flexible scheduling, you can positively impact both the parents who work for you by allowing them to adjust their schedules, balancing both work and home commitments.

Studies show that employees who are allowed to work remotely actually put in more hours, meaning productivity increases. And that was even before the pandemic showed everyone how to be incredibly productive from home.

Offering flexibility with schedules and work location improves employee retention, helps attract top talent, and boosts employee loyalty — all while making it easier for your staff to balance work and life.

Provide Access to Specialists

It goes without saying that you, as an employer, can’t solve your parent-employees’ problems. However, there are a lot of specialists that can help.

As an employer, you can give your employees access to specialists via phone and virtual video consultations. Being able to talk to a licensed therapist, for example, can make a huge difference for a working parent.

Having someone who can empathize and understand the nuanced needs of your parent-employees is essential to promoting a healthy work/life balance so your employees can give their best at work. Using a third party to offer these services can be beneficial and ensure that your employees feel relaxed and open without worrying about potentially uncomfortable situations with colleagues or superiors in the future.

The easiest way to provide access to certified specialists is by offering Arrow’s services, a family benefits system offering a variety of specialty services for working parents from evidence-based content to video sessions with doulas, lactation specialists, therapists, career support and more. Arrow specializes in bridging that gap between home and work life via tried-and-true personalized care, tools and resources.

Make Workplace Perks Parent-Friendly

Though many businesses immediately think of things like reduced-fee gym memberships and tuition assistance in a benefits package, there are actually a variety of ways to make a company benefits package comprehensive and generous to working parents.

Alongside the important perks mentioned above, consider offering benefits that help families as well. For instance, fertility and adoption assistance, back-to-school discounts, or drop in childcare help can make a big difference in the lives of working parents.

Balancing the needs of all your employees — parents and non-parents — can be a challenge. By offering a mix of benefits and perks, you can help everyone feel important and promote loyalty to your organization.

Offer Financial Wellness Programs

Financial stress is a significant factor for a variety of employees, not just parents. In fact, 80% of employers report that employees’ personal financial concerns impact their work performance.

Because of financial stress, people are absent more often and struggle to concentrate on their work when they are present. When children are involved, that stress can multiply, especially for new parents.

As a company, offering financial wellness programs can make a huge difference, and it benefits all of your staff, not just parents. The right education can help people set financial goals, create budgets, and learn strategies to stick to savings plans.

When people are less stressed about their finances, they’re less likely to leave the position, miss work, and perform poorly. That’s a huge win for your company!

Get the Benefits Working Parents Need

You already know the importance of having a strong benefits package, but how family-friendly is your offering? If you aren’t able to support the mental health of working parents, you could find yourself losing valuable employees which is costly to your organization on many levels.

Don’t let that happen. Instead, include family-benefits in your benefits package that helps your parent employees thrive as their families grow. Go beyond health insurance and offer evidence-based parenting content, 1:1 virtual specialist sessions and an interactive community focused on parents by enrolling your company with Arrow. Our mobile-friendly, web-based platform is easy to use and offers your parent employees the support they need.

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