Family Benefits that work

Working parents need you now

Fuel 5.5x revenue growth with the benefits system they really need. 

Family-first employee benefits that ignite organizational growth

Arrow’s whole-person, comprehensive solution lets working parents, work – by expertly supporting them in areas not covered by health insurance.

Arrow Navigator

1:1 personalized professional

on-demand support

Educational Content

Parenting courses taught by leading experts –

OBs, Midwives, Psych + more

Arrow Live

Interactive working parent 

specific programming

High-Touch Employee Engagement

Multi-channel engagement boosting employee experience

1:1 Virtual Specialist Sessions

25 or 50 min – DNP, PA-Cs, LCSWs, Midwives, Nurses, Doulas, Lactation, Career + more

Community Input

Interactive forums for community

feedback and advice

1 Year Access

Long-term support during critical periods 

along the parenthood path

Whole-person support for working parents

From pre-conception through work/life balance, Arrow has your entire work family covered. 

5.5x revenue | 4:1 ROI

Unleash organizational potential by achieving human-centric goals that reduce costs

  • Talent
  • Brand
  • Healthcare
  • Inclusion
  • Productivity

Attract and retain the best.

94% of millennials and 92% of Gen X-ers say non-traditional benefits make employers more attractive. One out of three millennials quit after childbirth - driving costly turnover and losing leading female talent. Decent talent wants better benefits. Elite talent demands the best benefits. Who will be on your team?


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Outshine your competition with purpose.

Purpose is mission-critical in today's competitive marketplace. Clients, customers and employees invest in employer brands with a reputable ethos three times as much as previous generations. An Arrow partnership elevates your brand by creating an employee experience based on purpose, values and a limitless ROI.


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Reduce your healthcare spend by providing better care.

The difference between sinking or swimming as a working parent is a support system - beyond healthcare and leave - that fills the gaps where parents feel most vulnerable. By providing better care, Arrow lowers healthcare costs through early and frequent intervention that supports the entire working parent life-cycle.


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Modern Families demand modern support.

Boost DE&I goals with solutions for every path to parenthood. Arrow supports your female, LGBTQIA+ and working parent population with inclusive family-benefits like surrogacy, adoption and return-to-work support. Arrow's whole person approach is inclusive of every team member.


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Employees who are supported are committed and productive.

Working parenthood has changed. Arrow offers the support that working parents need to remain productive members of your team. When employees are supported, both in their career and at home, they show up ready to give their best.


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You have questions. We have answers.
  • What are family-benefits?
  • What makes Arrow a leader in this space?
  • How is Arrow different than health insurance benefits?
  • What employee population is eligible for Arrow?
  • How do employees enroll in Arrow benefits?
  • How does Arrow support our DEI goals?

Family-benefits are an essential support system comprised of tech-forward solutions for a highly human experience - working parenthood.  Specifically built with a whole-person, return-to-work focus, Arrow effectively eliminates care gaps that exist outside of healthcare where working parents feel most vulnerable.

Founded by experienced doulas keenly aware of the unique needs of working parents, Arrow is the only certified women-owned family-benefits provider offering whole-person, comprehensive education and personalized support all in one robust platform, from pre-conception to tweens. Arrow combines personalized expert guidance and top notch education in an engaging, intuitive platform.

Arrow picks up where health coverage drops off, bridging the Working Parent Gap™. Complementary to health insurance, Arrow covers critical need areas not covered by health plans so employees can get the help and support they need in order to show up to work as the best version of themselves. Our Arrow Navigators familiarize themselves with your health insurance plan (and other benefits) in order to refer when necessary.

Eligibility and enrollment can be customized to fit your company's goals. Are you looking to add Arrow to your parental leave benefits or open it up to all of your parent population? Do you wish to have employees opt-in during your annual open enrollment period or wish to allow rolling enrollment which maximizes employee flexibility and privacy. Don't worry, we can help!

Employees enroll in Arrow by registering on a webpage customized for your company. Once verified, employees activate their benefits and can access the Arrow platform. The signup URL can be manually released through HR, placed on your company's intranet or displayed within the benefits section of your HR management tool. We make it easy for employees to enroll and  for HR to manage users.

Arrow fosters a robust parent-inclusive culture so employees feel supported + successful in both their family and career. We're dedicated to furthering the equity in healthcare cause. It's a business ethos. We are supportive of all people and families, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or family composition. By partnering with Arrow, you are putting resources behind your push to be more equitable and inclusive as a company.

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