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air travel during pregnancy with child during pandemic

Flying when pregnant during COVID-19 pandemic

Caroline Wiedl Traveling when pregnant can be challenging in and of itself, but the additional challenges of traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic make it exponentially more complicated. At the time of this writing, the CDC still recommends avoiding travel when possible, but sometimes traveling is necessary. If you’re venturing out …


A Birth Story Episode: Giving Birth During the COVID Pandemic

LATEST EPISODE – ARROW’S ANGLE In this birth story episode, TT (Tara) interviews a mom of three that gave birth in early May 2020 in an urban Chicago hospital. If you’re curious (or nervous) about giving birth during the pandemic, this episode is for you. Kelsey Haywood, the talented designer …


Postpartum in a Pandemic

In a recent webinar, Arrow’s Tara Campbell Lussier teamed up with Lori Mihalich-Levin of Mindful Return to offer practical AND impactful postpartum strategies during the coronavirus pandemic. Their eight expert tips will leave you feeling empowered for your postpartum (instead of overwhelmed). A copy of the webinar is below. Enjoy! Followup …


Pregnancy, birth + postpartum during the coronavirus pandemic

LATEST EPISODE – ARROW’S ANGLE Pregnancy, birth + postpartum during the coronavirus pandemic It is a scary and difficult time to be pregnant right now. We want to provide you with helpful tools to combat the overwhelm. We asked Mary Kilianski, Certified Nurse Midwife + Arrow Expert Consultant to talk …


What you need to know if you’re giving birth in a hospital during the coronavirus pandemic

If you’ve clicked on this blog post, you’re probably pregnant and facing giving birth in this crazy, unprecedented time.  First off, I want to say we feel you. Everything is so upside down right now and everyone is worried and trying to do the best thing for the collective and for themselves. I …


Practical Tips for Families Navigating COVID-19

First and foremost, we hope that you and yours are healthy and safe in the wake of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Our hearts go out to all those that have been directly affected by this health crisis. You already know that our collective new normal involves the most radical changes …

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The online childbirth education course, Discover, helps you expertly prepare for your little one’s arrival. Learn from over 40+ experts in the field as they help you navigate all. the. questions. Plus, it’s on-demand making learning convenient for you.

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