Social Distancing SALE for Arrow’s Discover Course and Expert Consulting
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We’re all in this thing together – at home.

In an effort to support #socialdistancing we have temporarily reduced the price of Arrow Expert Consulting sessions by 35%, and our popular Discover Education Course by 50%.

Both options have always been remote while preparing and empowering you for wherever you are along the parenthood path.

For on-demand consulting on every topic from fertility through pregnancy, birth, lactation, mental health, and postpartum, check out ArrowBirth.com/Consult to browse consultants and for more info.

25 minute sessions were $99, they’re now $65.
50 minute sessions were $199, they’re now $125.

For our groundbreaking Discover Course that prepares you for childbirth and parenting from 30+ leading midwives, OBs, doulas, and more, check out ArrowBirth.com/Learn to sample free videos and to purchase.

The Discover Course was $349, it’s now $174. No discount code is needed for either sale. 

With every Arrow purchase you directly support making birth safer in critical need areas through our Improve Birth Campaign.™

From fertility through pregnancy, birth prep, postpartum, returning to work/life, and much more – Arrow has you covered at every baby step. (Pun intended.)

Our immediate mission is to keep your growing family safe, healthy, and prepared even during this unprecedented pandemic.

From our family to yours, take (really) good care.

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