Postpartum Recovery – An interview with Dr. Meedlen Charles, OB/GYN

LATEST EPISODE – ARROW’S ANGLE Wondering what you need to know to best prepare for your postpartum recovery? Dr. Charles is an OB/GYN who tackles how to create a postpartum plan, what red flags to look out for and what’s the single most important thing to a healthy postpartum recovery. Trust us, you’ll want to …

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KK’s postpartum depression story

LATEST EPISODE – ARROW’S ANGLE KK’s postpartum depression story Arrow’s own beloved Kaitlin Stoutenburgh, (affectionately known as “KK”), courageously shares her own battle with depression throughout her pregnancy and postpartum time.  Listen in and let’s collectively raise awareness about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Together we can #endthestigma and #supportallparents. Arrow’s Director of Marketing aka …

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Postpartum in a Pandemic

In a recent webinar, Arrow’s Tara Campbell Lussier teamed up with Lori Mihalich-Levin of Mindful Return to offer practical AND impactful postpartum strategies during the coronavirus pandemic. Their eight expert tips will leave you feeling empowered for your postpartum (instead of overwhelmed). A copy of the webinar is below. Enjoy! Followup Notes: From Mindful Return: Grandparents …

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