Arrow’s Top 10 Predicted Birth Trends for 2019
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I’m often overheard saying there are trends in birth, just like any field. It actually probably annoys those closest to me because I say it often enough. In that vein, Arrow has decided to make an annual prediction for the trends we think we’ll see in birth for the upcoming year. Without further ado, and before anyone has a baby before I can get this out, here they are:


  1. A positive mindset is your greatest birth ally. Just imagine that manifest was the word for 2019 (it is, we swear ;)), and you could systematically “think” your way into a more positive birth and beyond experience. We think this is a thing. Like a big thing kinda thing. Stay tuned…
  2. Plum and Sparrow Moses baskets. Because OHMYGAH have you seen these handmade artisan stylish gorgeous things?! They just scream to put your gorgeous babe in them and take all the pictures and post to Instagram. We love that they’re not only swoon worthy but Fair Trade and committed to social good. P.S. we are too. 🙂
  3. Birth Consulting. Every other profession has a consultant except for the biggest life change we’ll ever make – becoming a parent. Enough said.
  4. Using iBRAIN for making informed decisions about your care. We have encountered no greater simple tool to help one make the best decisions in their care, their birth, their life. Find out more about iBRAIN in our Discover Birth Education Course.
  5. Pink Stork pregnancy wellness products. If you’re feeling anything less than optimal while trying to conceive, pregnant or postpartum, check out this fab line of products from another kick-butt woman owned business. We’re big fans.
  6. Arrow’s Discover birth education course. If being in your pj’s soaking in all the experts in one platform delivering the world’s best birth education sounds good to you, check this. We’re pretty proud.
  7. The “Mastery”. We’re alllll for stylish nurseries, but before baby is in said stylish nursery, you need the mastery. (Master + nursery.) Check back soon for more info on how to create the perfect mastery. Your more rested self will thank us.
  8. Giving back is the new luxury. Putting your money where your heart is. We’re all about ZERO for the global maternal mortality rate. Will you join us? #midwivesforhaiti #learnconsultgive
  9. Embracing the “intangible” when preparing for your birth. Never underestimate trusted care providers, supportive partners and setting the “vibe” of your birth space. We see more of all this for 2019, and WE ARE SO DOWN WITH IT!!
  10. #birthhappens will be cropping up in social feeds everywhere. #birthhappens means we stand in solidarity with all birth goals and outcomes. After all, celebrating a birth is celebrating all women.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of our predicted birth trends and if you see any other trends for 2019! Thanks and we love you!

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