Arrow Birth website goes LIVE April 5th!
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WASHINGTON, D.C.: Online childbirth educators and consultants from the socially focused business, Arrow Birth Inc. will launch their live website on April 5, 2019. Following the initial launch, on May 12, 2019, the full birthing educational product suite will be available to the public. Founded by two doulas, the arrowbirth.com website is aimed at educating families in the childbearing years in the most progressive and modern way possible – by bringing respected experts together in one platform to be available whenever and wherever families need it. 


Arrow Birth Inc. utilizes a systematic approach to prepare families for birth and parenthood. Their groundbreaking Arrow Approach™ combines over 35 documentary-style birth professional interviews – with expert custom consulting for clients unique needs. The arrowbirth.com website will help modern families find bespoke solutions throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time. “Because our experts prepare families for all types of births; medicated, unmedicated and cesarean – we’ve created a cutting-edge business differentiating Arrow from anything else in the pregnancy and birth marketplace,” said Mari Stutzman Smith, Founding Partner of Arrow Birth. 


Each year in the United States, more than four million families have a baby. “With Arrow Birth, families worldwide will now have convenient, premium solutions for their childbirth education and consulting needs, furthering their experiences and improving their quality of life during this crucial time of transition,” noted Stutzman Smith.


Arrow Birth’s mission is to reinvent birth education and pioneer birth consulting, all while improving childbirth worldwide. The company is a social business leader: with every purchase, the company invests in saving the lives of mothers and babies abroad through their exclusive partnership with the 501(c) (3) not-for-profit, Midwives for Haiti. For more information, please visit arrowbirth.com.





Tara Campbell Lussier, Co-Founder

Arrow Birth, Inc.

 (703) 472-4704


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