Are Birthing Classes Necessary?
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Your Questions Answered


Q: Are birthing classes necessary?

A: So you’re pregnant and trying to figure it all out. What stroller to get, what midwife or doctor to choose, how to not get sick at the smell of chicken, ha. But what about childbirth classes? Can’t I binge watching childbirth videos on Youtube? Are there birthing class videos on Netflix?

We get it. You’re trying to figure out if it’s worth it. Let’s look at why we have childbirth classes and what they do to benefit and enhance your childbirth experience.


The Why

Childbirth classes were created to help you feel informed, empowered and ready for your birth-day dive into parenthood. They address things like pregnancy changes, what to expect in the labor process, common birth interventions, and how to care and feed your baby once your little one is here. A good class covers, in detail, vaginal births and c-sections and addresses pain relief options as well as coping techniques for labor. A great one allows you to learn from birth related professionals and also shows you real life examples of birth, so you can visually get a feel for the experience. There are many kinds of classes, some taught in a hospital setting, others taught privately in the teacher’s home or office as well as others online and on-demand, such as our Discover Birth Education Course.



You’re bound to feel less anxious, more confident, less fearful and more prepared having taken a course or class. That outcome is worth its weight in gold. There’s a lot of truth to the statement, “you don’t know til you know,” and it really does apply to childbirth, so the more information front loading you can do, the better you’ll feel going into the experience. You’ll also gain clarity as to the type of birth that feels right to you. Maybe you’ll decide to tackle an unmedicated birth. Or maybe you’ll realize you want an epidural. Additionally, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the process of a vaginal birth as well as what to expect in a cesarean section, should one be medically necessary in your case. And lastly, a birth course or class can open the door for new revelations. Maybe that means moving on from your current care provider and finding one that really hears you, or maybe that means hiring a doula to join you on your birth day, or maybe it means scheduling a consultation with an Arrow Consultant to strategize a plan for your maternity leave or help prepare you for breastfeeding.


Bottom line? 

A resounding yes to the question, are birthing classes necessary. Education is the key to success!


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